Planning for Thanksgiving

It's Tuesday. Don't forget to take care of yourself today. Take some quiet time to gather your energy.

Today is the day to fry your sausage and bacon that you will need as ingredients. My Sausage and Mushroom Dressing and Broccoli Salad contain sausage and bacon. What I prefer to do is to take my electric griddle outside and cook the bacon and sausage. I like to do large batches at a time, seal meal sizes in vacuum sealed bags and freeze. Then we can take them out and microwave for breakfast or for a recipe. It keeps from smelling the whole house up and keeps the greasy out of the kitchen. My husband built a cooking deck just off the garage. He has his grill and some chairs and a table out there.

Make your dressing today and refrigerate. Then it's ready to pop in the oven on Thursday.

Make any congealed or vegetable salads (like my Broccoli Salad) today.

Make cheeseball or spreads, dips.

If you are doing your own pastry for your pumpkin pies, make up the pastry today and refrigerate.